There are two types of enemies in Marble Mania--Ghoulies and Spooks.



Ghoulies in Marble Mania do not behave the same way they behave in Jaeger. These Ghoulies will block the player's progress through the maze. They move in a straight line until they either hit another enemy or a wall. Ghoulies can push players if the players are moving slowly, but players can push the Ghoulies if their speed is high enough.


Spooks are much more vicious than Ghoulies. Spooks will constantly move towards the player and unlike Ghoulies, they can move through walls. Even though they are smaller than Ghoulies, Spooks move twice as fast. When they hit the player they steal a life and the player must start the level over. There is no way to kill a Spook, but Ghoulies block Spooks, so the player can use this to their advantage.